About SDC Hotel Supply

Think of Hotel Business,Think of SDC

SDC Hotel Supply was established in 2008.


Our main supplies are Towels, Linen, Amenities, Beds, Mattresses, Hotel Appliances, and Room accessories. Because of the faster growth in hospitality with the different standards this is the reason SDC Company is running the business.

Until now SDC is working closely with all the 5-star hotels in Cambodia.

Our Mission

  • We listen to understand what hotel short, needs, or any change to their standard.

  • We try our best to fill in what they need, to ensure all the products we supply to them are standard and quality at an economical price.

  • At the same time, we build the human mental to inspire peace and happiness.

Our Vision

  • To produce the best quality product in our business.

  • Bring out the best quality product from our company to the potential customer.

  • Build the strongest partner and provide the ultimate service to our clients and partners.

  • Do our share in helping build a better society and environment.

Our Goal

  • Take us to where we are now and to where we want to be tomorrow.